A Detailed Look at Infrared Thermography Testing Techniques in Modern Times

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Business

Infrared technology is used in many different industries. In most cases, it is one of the tools used to monitor mechanical systems. Over the years, this technology developed as an alternative to visual inspections which were time consuming and less accurate. In modern times, infrared thermography testing is the standard used for continuous monitoring in a wide variety of situations. Learn more about some of the processes involved with infrared thermography testing.

Active Thermography

This method of testing is used when you need to figure out how heat is flowing through a device. It can also assist in locating certain anomalies in the equipment. To carry out this method, an external energy source is generated to produce thermal variances in the device. Next, the device is continuously monitored until a thermal equilibrium is obtained.

Passive Thermography

Passive thermography is a type of infrared thermography testing that can be performed during the operation of equipment. As a passive form, no external energy source is required. Due to this, the equipment can continue to operate while the testing is underway.

Lock-In Thermography

Unlike passive thermography, the lock-in method does require an external energy source. However, instead of a continuous application, the energy is applied in a periodic manner. This helps to identify anomalies in the surface of the object. This technique is best suited for thick-walled equipment.


All in all, there are many more forms of testing using infrared thermography. In addition, you may consider using flash thermography or vibrothermography. Of course, you can always contact a critical power company for the best recommendation for your application.

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