Four Less Than Obvious Signs That an Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairing

by | Aug 10, 2020 | HVAC

Air conditioning units are important in every household; however, many people fail to keep up with the maintenance and repairs required to keep them up and running. Here are for unmistakable signs that a unit needs to be repaired.

It Blows Hot Air

Air conditioning in North Florida that blows hot air is just as bad as one that doesn’t blow at all. The issue normally lies within the compressor, or it could just be low on freon. A technician would be able to diagnose the problem right away.

The Air Reeks

Unless a small animal is rotting in the vents, the air should always smell clean. Whether it is alerting the owner of a burnt wire or is in need of a tune-up, inhaling foul smells can lead to health issues. To prevent further harm, it should be checked out immediately.

It Makes Weird Noises

If the unit makes abnormals sounds, it may be on borrowed time. Scraping, grinding, knocking, or other unusual noises can indicate that an important part has slipped out of place.

The Air Is Muggy

Functional air conditioning in North Florida operates with humidity control. If there is excess moisture in the air, the unit may be overdue for a recalibration.

With the help of an experienced technician from Air McCall Heating and Air Conditioning, a faulty HVAC system will be back to blowing cool, refreshing air in no time.

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