Reasons Not to Wait for roof repair in Franklin

Repairing a roof may seem like a job to put off for another time, but when Tennessee homeowners need roof repair in Franklin, it is best to take care of the situation promptly. A home’s roof integrity is the number one defense against weather damage. Keep reading for reasons one may need their roof repaired and why they should act quickly to take care of those damages.

Age-Related Damage

Roofs are not built to last forever. Indeed, some roofing materials are more durable than others, but at some point, roofing materials will show signs of wear and tear. It’s best for homeowners to inspect their roofs to look for signs of damage periodically. Look for missing, torn, or broken tiles, tiles that are cupped or curled on the edges, or ones that have lost a significant portion of their granule coating.

Other Damage

Severe storms can commonly cause roof damages. Wind can tear shingles away or blow debris onto the roof to cause harm. Hail could cause dimples to appear on the roof but also could damage the sheathing underneath, punch holes in shingles, or damage vents. Besides normal wear and tear, molds or moss on a roof can cause premature aging and result in necessary repairs. Plus, if a homeowner is considering selling their home, they may want to repair or replace their roof to increase its market value.

Don’t Delay

Damaged roof materials will not improve over time, so waiting will only cause more damage to occur, which will increase the homeowner’s repair costs. If a roof repair is covered by insurance, the adjuster will know if the homeowner waited too long. If a homeowner puts in a claim as soon as the damage occurs, the insurance will likely cover most of the claim. However, if they wait, the homeowner will only receive compensation for the basic repair before the damages were worsened due to the delay.

In Closing

Waiting to take care of roofing repairs can end up causing more damage and ultimately adding more cost onto the project. Contact a trusted roofing contractor to inspect and complete any needed roof repair in Franklin. For more information, contact HE Parmer.

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