Reasons to Talk to Aging Parents About Installing a Stairclimber in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Healthcare Related

Few younger readers are aware of how quickly the aging process can happen. What begins as a subtle indication that a beloved parent is beginning to grow old can turn into a serious safety hazard seemingly overnight. That’s why it’s important for children of aging parents to keep an eye out for the following signs that it might be time to invest in a Stairclimber in Pittsburgh PA for their homes to keep them safe.

One or More Falls

The realization that a loved one is beginning to have trouble staying steady on his or her feet can be troubling, but it should not be ignored. If a parent has already fallen once, chances are it will happen again and if it happens on the stairs that next fall could be deadly. Installing a stairclimber will allow aging loved ones to navigate between the floors of their homes without risking a serious fall.

Joint Pain and Stiffness

If a parent has begun complaining about joint pain and stiffness, it might be time to ask if he or she would appreciate a Stairclimber in Pittsburgh PA, even if falls don’t seem like a serious concern. Younger readers are unlikely to understand what it’s like to experience pain and stiffness every day but they should at least realize that it can impact mobility. Installing a stairclimber will help those who are having trouble getting around due to joint pain retain their independence and quality of life.

Doctor’s Advice

Many aging parents ask their kids to attend doctors appointments with them to ensure that they don’t miss anything important. If the doctor has indicated that a parent is experiencing serious health conditions like severe arthritis or a weakened heart, ask whether a stairclimber could help to avoid making that condition any worse. Similarly, if the doctor has prescribed a medication that is known to affect balance or vision, it might be time to discuss mobility aids.

Get Started Today

There are few mobility aids that are able to improve an aging loved one’s life at home like a stairclimber. Readers who have doubts as to whether it is really time to consider investing in this kind of technology should try to realistically assess the situation. If it seems like a parent’s health is going downhill, the best thing a child can do is to contact McArdle Surgical to discuss stairclimber installation and the use of other mobility aids. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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