Roofers in Bergen County NJ Resolve Leaks From Various Sources

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Roofing

All sorts of bad things can happen when a shingled roof starts to leak. The insulation gets wet and become moldy. The wood deck under the shingles may start to rot. Damage can happen to the interior of the home. Roofers in Bergen County NJ should be called promptly when any signs of leaks develop.
Long-standing leaks can result in serious structural damage and the need to replace quite a bit of lumber and other materials. Plaster on the ceiling or around entryways starts to deteriorate and the paint bubbles, cracks and peels. Ceiling tile becomes stained and has to be replaced.

Flashing Sealing and Replacement

Sometimes Roofers in Bergen County, NJ discover that the problem isn’t the roof itself but features on the roof, such as corroded flashing around the chimney. The flashing might be in good condition but the sealing around it has deteriorated. To prevent these types of leaks, it’s best for homeowners to have a roofing technician come to the property every year and check flashing wherever it has been installed on the roof, such as around exhaust pipes.

Skylight Sealing

Skylights also can leak, although this mainly tends to happen with older products after heavy rain or snowmelt. Roofers can do the repair and maintenance work around these features as well that should prevent water dripping into the home in the future. Sometimes homeowners are tempted to apply roof cement around the edges, since they see this material in home improvement stores. The problem is that the cement is likely to crack at some point and a new leak will develop.

Inspection and Routine Maintenance

The roofer also can inspect the structure at this time and make sure no shingles need to be replaced. If the customers would like, they can sweep off organic debris that has gathered in the valleys and holds moisture against the shingles. Removal of moss can be done during this appointment too.

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