2 Things To Avoid To Prevent Damage To Your HVAC Unit In Oklahoma

The summer heat has been exhausting you and your family even while just sitting and watching television in the living room. You have significantly lowered your air conditioner’s temperature but it still feels like it is not enough. Checking your thermostat again, the display shows 56 degrees Fahrenheit but strangely feels like 80 degrees in your home. Here are 2 things you should not do when your air conditioner is no longer cooling your home efficiently.


One thing you should not do is to continue to lower your thermostat’s temperature. Lowering it can lead to complete damage to your air conditioning and piping system. This means you run the risk of freezing your pipes even though it does not feel like your air conditioning unit is cooling your home.

HVAC System

Another thing you should not do is to leave your HVAC system running. This means, and although you may not want to, turning your system completely off. This is to prevent further damage to your air conditioning system while you safely inspect it for damages.

Who To Call For Help

Perhaps you went outside to check your air conditioning unit and did not find any visible damages. Perhaps you are now looking for a company that offers repairs or air conditioning installations in Yukon, OK.

Contact the experts at Gatlin Heat & Air. They offer repair and installation services to help you and your family feel comfortable again. So, when looking for a reputable, honest, and reliable company that offers repairs or air conditioning installations in Yukon, OK, they are the only ones to call.

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