2 Types of Pillow Block Bearings and Where You Can Buy Them in Texas

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Industrial Equipment

Do you require a specific type of part to add to your system that will provide low-torque for light-load applications? Are you building a customized conveyor belt roller system and are now compiling parts to ensure you use only highly durable and reliable components? If any or all of these situations apply to you, then you are likely searching for a pillow block bearing. Here are two types of pillow block bearings and where you can acquire them in Texas.


One type of pillow block bearing you may need for your application is a solid housed pillow block bearing. As its name implies, this type of bearing is a single-piece solid bearing meaning that it comes completely assembled. If your application or system will be using shafts that are less than 125mm or 5 inches, then a solid housed pillow bearing would be beneficial to use for its size and weight.


Split housed pillow block bearings are different than solid housed bearings in that they come in two pieces. This type of bearing can be taken apart and may contain components that can be repaired or replaced. Split housed bearings are suitable to use when using shafts greater than 125mm.

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