3 Basic Principles about Bail Bonds for Jailed Persons in Norman, OK

Americans charged with crimes cannot exit jail until their trial’s over, a process lasting from weeks to months – if not a few years. One way to circumvent an extended stay in jail is by bail bonding out of jail. Here’s a basic explanation of what bail bonds Norman, OK are.

Why Aren’t People Always Released from Jail?

Judges want to make sure people accused of criminal charges show up for trial instead of running from the law. Bail, a dollar amount required to be granted a pre-trial release, is expensive for most people, which ensures their return to court after pre-trial release. Sometimes, people with violent or otherwise serious crimes aren’t granted an opportunity to post bail because they’re likely to leave the country or go on the lam.

How Much Do Bail Bonds Cost?

The answer depends on someone’s criminal history, local connections, past record of showing up for court, and other less-important factors that even insurance companies use to determine individual risk. However, they range from about $100, at minimum, to upwards of $1,000,000. Most people’s bail will be just a few thousand dollars.

What Comes After Bail?

After getting bailed out and before sentencing or your case being dropped, you’ll be required to not get in any trouble and likely not leave the state you’re in. These bail conditions or pre-trial release restrictions are very important to adhere to – not doing so may end you back up in the slammer.

Turn to A Absolute Bail Bonds

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