3 Important Tips to Use for Interior Painting in Clarksville, TN

The best painting companies know the ins and outs of executing a quality painting job. From basic painting preparation with painters’ tape and drop cloths to choosing the right products for your home, the right interior painting companies always follow best practices for painting.

If you’re planning to paint your house soon or hire a painting service to do it for you, keep the following three tips from interior painting professionals in mind:

Keep the Paint Moist

While you may be tempted to leave your paint out without carefully covering it or putting it back, this is the best way for the paint to dry out. Experts in interior painting in Clarksville, TN, suggest dropping golf balls in the paint to fill up the excess air space. Similarly, you can place plastic underneath the lid and seal it tightly to keep your paint from drying out.

Use a Primer

No interior painting job isn’t complete without using a primer first. For example, if you’re painting on fresh drywall, a water-based primer will hide any imperfections before you apply the color. When painting smoke-saturated or water-damaged walls, choose an oil-based primer.

Don’t Wash Rollers or Brushes

Every professional painter knows that it’s important to skip washing rollers or brushes when using latex paint.

These experts keep their brushes and rollers from drying out by wrapping them in tin foil or plastic bags and putting them in the fridge. The colder temperatures will keep the latex paint from drying out.

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