3 Simple Tips That Will Help You Choose the Right Tongue Rings

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Shopping

You’ve recently had your tongue pierced and received the first in what will likely be a series of tongue rings. In order to ensure that you choose rings that are right for you, it pays to keep a few basics in mind. Follow these tips and you’re sure to come across several rings that are perfect.

The gauge is crucial at this early stage. Right now, you want to stick with the gauge of the original piercing. This provides time for it to heal and for you to get use to having the piercing while also having some fun with different tongue jewelry. This means that if you were pierced with a 14 gauge, stick to 14 gauge jewelry right now. There will be plenty of time later to buy something a little larger when you’re ready to stretch the piercing.

Materials matter as well. Go with something that’s sturdy and not likely to splinter or otherwise be damaged. Titanium is a good choice for this reason. Stainless steel will also work well. Along with holding up well, these options will also retain their original appearance with ease.

Comfort is also a must when choosing any tongue rings. It’s not just about selecting the right gauge, although that’s a major factor in comfort. Shape is also something to consider. You may find that circular rings are better for you than something that’s oval. Even if you want something that’s more ornamental than a simple ring, make sure it feels as good as it looks.

As with any type of body jewelry, take your time and check into all the possibilities. Never hesitate to ask for opinions from professionals who provide piercings on a daily basis. The information they provide could lead you to a ring or set of rings that are just what you want.

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