3 Things a Roof Inspection Will Do to Protect Your Milwaukee Home

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Home Improvement

You should schedule a roof inspection every six months to ensure your roof remains in the best possible condition. While this may seem like something you can do yourself, a proper inspection requires the expertise of roofing contractors in Milwaukee. This is because they look deeper into the condition of your roof to identify potential problems that will adversely affect your roof in the coming months.

Structural Review

The inspection will involve looking for signs that the roof is starting to sag due to damaged roof planes. The roofer will also examine the condition of the gutters to ensure they’re still properly secured to the house. Excessive weight from debris and water backup can cause gutters to pull away from the home. The roofer will also examine the chimney, vents, and flashing at this time.

Evaluate the Roofing Materials

Your contractor will also look at the top layer of roofing materials to identify signs of damage. In particular, they will look for any damaged or missing shingles. They will also watch for other signs of damage, such as loose granules in the gutters or on the ground.

Interior Inspection

You will also have to give roofing contractors in Milwaukee access to the inside of your home for a thorough inspection. They will want to see the attic or the upper floor in your home to identify signs that your roof is leaking. This will involve looking for water stains on the walls or rafters. They will look for sunlight peeking through the boards in your attic’s ceilings. If the contractor finds these issues, they may recommend installing a new roof.

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