3 Tricks to Help You Get the Most Out of a Digital Billboard

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Business

Billboards are a significant component of advertising in the technological era. It is a tool that connects with new potential clients daily and at all hours of the day. Digital billboards have played an integral role in making the billboard industry more cost-efficient and effective for businesses to change their message often. While digital billboards are somewhat like the traditional billboards, they have variances. Digital billboards can offer crystal-clear pictures and vivid display that makes your advertisement stand out from the rest. These tips can help your business to get the most out of your outdoor digital billboard.

Make Large Texts

You should make digital bulletins that are legible at 500 feet away if you want to get the most out of your marketing campaign. Also, make sure that when using digital billboards in Oklahoma, you stick to one idea or message. The secret to effective digital billboards is brevity. You must decide the most fundamental idea and put out the news on your digital billboard because most of your audience is mobile.

Use Bold Fonts

You should use huge and legible typefaces when using a digital billboard. Thin lines break up or optically fade at 500 feet. Also avoid serif, decorative, and italic fonts on your digital billboard. A heads up when using digital billboards to increase sales and boost your brand is to use upper- and lower-case serif typefaces. The fonts give the best readability to your mobile audience.

Pick Your Images Wisely

When designing images for a digital billboard, make sure you take small objects and enlarge them. Avoid taking a large object and making it short. Also, don’t use complex scenes or landscapes when designing digital billboards in Oklahoma. You can use three or less visual elements, such as a headline, an image, and a logo.

The benefits of using digital billboards are many, including offering improved audience engagement. If you want to achieve real ROI, you need to make use of these tips. An effective digital billboard design makes results in a successful ad campaign.

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