3 Types of Facial Plastic Surgery in Dallas

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The face is usually the first thing that people notice when they meet someone new. It’s the last thing to be checked in the mirror before heading out the door. So it’s no surprise that facial appearance is an important part of how a person sees him or herself as well as how others are viewed. In order to make the most of great features or improve on others, plastic surgery offers lots of promise for patients looking for a change. When it comes to Facial Plastic Surgery Dallas have lots of different options to choose from. Here are just three of the possibilities.


One of the most dramatic changes that a person can make involves a facelift. This surgery focuses on the skin on and around the face. Over time, skin tends to lose some of its elasticity, causing it to sag. When this happens, it can prematurely age a person and cause him or her to be self-conscious. This procedure involves making an incision and then pulling the skin over the face in order to tighten it. It can remove wrinkles, create a more refined appearance, and turn back the clock all at the same time. A patient can choose to have a full or partial facelift.


There are lots of reasons why patients undergo rhinoplasty. For some, the goal is purely cosmetic. For others, an adjustment to the nose could decrease sinus problems or make it easier to breathe. Still others may be looking to repair damage that was done in an accident. Either way, the surgery involves reshaping the nose, sculpting the bone and cartilage in order to create the desired effect. A patient explains what portions of his or her nose isn’t appealing and a cosmetic surgeon looks to make improvements.


Just like the nose, the chin can be another problem area that needs an adjustment. Some people don’t have a prominent chin and want to create a more defined look. Others are unhappy with how the chin connects the face to the neck. In both cases, a plastic surgeon can make changes. This also involves working with bone and cartilage. In some cases, an implant is added to create the ideal shape.

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