3 Ways That Boone IA Chiropractors Help with Chronic Pain Management

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Chiropractor

You may already know that a chiropractor can help with your back and neck aches, but chiropractors also offer alternative therapies for chronic pain management. Here are three ways that a chiropractor can help with your chronic pain symptoms.

Combination Therapies for Chronic Pain

The most common option that is recommended for men and women with chronic pain are medications, including steroids and prescription pain drugs. Research is emerging that identifies the combination of massage and spinal manipulation that is performed by chiropractors in Boone, IA, address the root cause of pain and may improve long-term outcomes. Some patients may find that they rely on medications less once they start receiving routine chiropractic care.

Alleviate Secondary Symptoms

When you live with chronic pain, chances are that your body compensates in ways that affects your body mechanics. You may hunch your back, favor one side of your body, or use poor posture when working on a computer. These practices take a toll on your body, and a chiropractor not only treats these secondary symptoms, but also watches for signs that you are compensating.

Changing the Way You Move Your Body Helps with Chronic Pain

Chiropractors in Boone, IA, understand good body mechanics. They recommend how to change the way you use your entire body to perform daily tasks to alleviate and prevent chronic pain symptoms

Learn More About the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

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