4 Fun, Unique Ways to Get Silly and Tipsy During a Girl’s Night

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Food

While there’s nothing wrong with margaritas, they can get a little boring if they’re all you ever have during a gathering with the girls. Why not try one of these fun liquor treats instead?

1. Alcoholic Ice Cream

Alcoholic ice cream is a “lickable liquor.” It ranges from mimosa popsicles to vanilla bourbon scoops, and it’s a wonderful way to stay fresh, alert and jiving with energy. The cold will wake up all of your senses, and the booze and sugar will let you ride the wave of a good time.

2. Milkshakes

Another dairy-filled delight is alcohol milkshakes in Dallas TX. Not only will they taste thick and sweet, but they’ll give you a fuller feeling than watery cocktails. You’ll be able to pace yourself a bit more without giving up your buzz.

3. Flavored Whiskey

You might be familiar with whiskey flavors like honey and cinnamon, but there are some brands that go the extra mile with chocolate fudge and cookies and cream. They’re perfect for people who like the kick of hard whiskey but want sweeter notes to temper it.

4. Gummies

Gummy bears are a childhood staple, but they’ll take on a naughty twist when you combine them with champagne or other liquors. As a bonus, they’re really easy to make, so you can have a DIY project with the girls when the festivities are just starting. By the time that everyone is drunk, the gummies will be ready to keep the party going!

These are just a few ways to get dizzy during girl’s night. If you’re looking for even more ideas, check us out at DizziBrands! We live up to our name by providing topsy-turvy drinks, snacks and treats. We’re especially famous for alcohol milkshakes in Dallas TX!

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