5 Reasons to Hire A Social Security Lawyer in Ottawa County

by | May 9, 2019 | Law Services

If a person is injured or they become too sick to work, they might qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. This would give the individual the income that they need to support themselves, as well as medical benefits. If a person is planning to file for benefits, they should hire a Social Security lawyer in Ottawa County. There are reasons that hiring a lawyer is essential.

Mountains of Paperwork

When a person applies for Social Security Disability benefits, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out. If the individual doesn’t do it correctly, their application can be denied. A lawyer will understand what is expected regarding the paperwork, which will ensure that everything is filled out completely and accurately.

Medical Documentation

The individual is going to need documentation from their doctor for their application to be approved. A lawyer will know exactly what the Social Security Administration will need to approve the application. They can even set the individual up with the right doctors if necessary.

Case Updates

The process of being approved for benefits is a lengthy one. This can make life very stressful for the applicant. But if they have a lawyer working for them, the individual will be able to get regular case updates. This can make the process a bit less stressful.

Assistance with Appeals

If the individual has a lawyer and their application is denied, they will have someone to handle the appeal process for them. This is the individual’s best chance of having their appeal approved.

Contingency Basis

Most Social Security lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that the individual won’t need to pay for the lawyer’s services unless they are approved for benefits. Since the individual is out of work and has no income coming in, they can still afford to hire a lawyer.

If an individual can no longer work and they are planning on filing for Social Security Disability benefits, they should hire a Social Security lawyer in Ottawa County. Hiring a lawyer will significantly increase their chances of being approved for benefits the first time. For more information, contact Bleakley Law Offices, P.C.

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