5 Services A Land Surveyor Company In Spalding County, GA, Offers

by | May 31, 2021 | Business

Whether one is purchasing a new property, is installing a privacy fence, or just wants to know where their property’s boundaries begin and end, a Land Surveyor Company In Spalding County, GA, can help. Surveying companies are hired for many reasons and offer valuable services that protect property owners’ interests. Below is a quick overview of the five services offered by surveying companies.

Determine Boundaries

This is the service that most people associate with surveying companies. Knowing a property’s boundaries lowers the chances of disputes with neighbors and gives property owners the information they need to make additions to their property.

Structural Additions and Improvements

Sometimes, the survey on record doesn’t reflect additions or improvements made to the property. When purchasing a property, lenders and municipal agencies need to have updated surveys to reflect the property as it is now. Surveying delivers this information.

Utility and Easement Locations

Utility companies place electrical lines and water pipes on private property and property owners need to know where the easements are on their property. Having this information handy avoids problems such as digging where electrical wires are buried or having the utility dig up a vegetable garden because it’s in the easement where they need to work.

Geographic Features

Not all geographic features are easily seen. Some don’t become apparent until a property owner wants to add an addition or feature and they can’t because of obstacles. Surveying provides a geographical layout for future reference.

Flood Risk

Building a home in a floodplain is risky. Property owners need to know if their home is in one of these areas to make sure they get the proper insurance and to make plans for flood prevention.

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