A Child Support Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA Knows How Hard It Can Be to Get Payments

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Law Services

A child support lawyer in Carlsbad, CA knows that it can be very difficult for a parent to get support payments. What can a parent do when they have court-ordered support but can’t collect? What can they do when they know that the payments don’t represent a fair amount of the other parent’s earnings?

How Can It Be Hard to Collect Child Support

Parents who are new to child support might wonder just how can someone avoid paying. Unfortunately, it’s not too difficult for focused individuals to avoid paying child support. People who are self-employed usually don’t have any problems avoiding support if they wish to do so. Individuals who work in cash professions can also avoid support. Switching jobs frequently will also allow someone to stay ahead of child support payments.

Secret Raises

Another way that people avoid some of their obligations is not being honest about significant raises in pay. If a person gets promoted and starts making a lot more money, they might keep it to themselves so that their payments aren’t increased. If the parent who receives support finds out about the pay increase, they will have to file a request for more support with the court. It’s up to the court to determine whether or not that request will be honored. Anyone who needs help with child support can schedule an appointment with us.

What Can Be Done to Collect?

A parent who is trying to collect child support will usually need the help of a Child Support Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA. The problem with that is that lawyers can get costly when dealing with someone who is trying to duck support. Motions have to be filed in court in order to get to the other parent. Some parents who are in desperate need of child support choose not to pursue it because of legal fees. Trying to track a non-paying parent from state to state just isn’t worth it in some cases.

A parent might have to do their own legwork if they are dealing with someone who refuses to pay support and is being extremely evasive. They can bring in legal help after the non-paying parent has been tracked down.

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