A Diamond Engagement Ring in Atlanta Is a “Cut” Above the Rest

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Jewelry

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, then you seriously need to look at its cut. That is the most important factor in how it is perceived by society. Facets and angles, for instance, determine how a diamond engagement ring in New Jersey and elsewhere attracts light. While it is a bit challenging to determine cut, it is a major factor to consider when buying an engagement ring, especially a solitaire.

You can also view diamonds under various lights to see which one is the most responsive. If you want to be more scientific in your approach, view the gem under a gemological microscope. You can also enhance the beauty of a diamond by pairing it with just the right ring. However, you need to consider the following when selecting a partner for your gem.

The Setting

If you are choosing from among solitaire engagement rings, you usually have two settings from which to select. The prong setting uses four or six prongs to elevate the diamond above the band. A halo setting, on the other hand, creates a look that is more delicate. When you present a diamond in a prong setting, more light will shine through the stone. Therefore, the diamond’s fire is intensified. A halo setting usually causes the diamond to look larger than it is.

The Band

The kind of band you choose for the diamond is important as well. Do you want the band to be thin or thick? Should it be white or yellow? Will it be engraved or plain? Think about the wearer’s personality and style. Also, what kind of jewelry does she wear? Will the solitaire and ring complement her other jewelry styles?

While diamond solitaire engagement rings New Jersey are singular in appearance, they also represent a powerful and beautiful icon of your devotion and love. Therefore, take your time when looking at cuts, as these kinds of rings are a “cut” above the rest.

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