Addressing Your Stress Levels and Adrenal Dysfunction in a Georgia Clinic

Your adrenal glands are two glands that sit on top of your kidneys. They are responsible for the production of adrenaline, a stress response hormone. If you are constantly under extreme stress, your adrenal glands are pumping out a lot of adrenaline. Excess adrenaline that isn’t expelled through exercise (flight) or a physical fight negatively impacts your physical health overall. A clinic that addresses adrenal stress in Peachtree City, GA, has the ability to treat your adrenal glands and help reduce your stress to reduce the adrenaline your body is producing.

Taking a Baseline of Your Adrenal Function

When you first come to the clinic for adrenal stress in Peachtree City, the staff take a baseline of your adrenal function. This tells them how bad the problem is, and provides them with guidance in the treatment process. As you move through the prescribed treatment process, the staff takes additional test samples from your blood to determine the efficacy of the treatment.

Offering Relaxation Options and Techniques, as Well as Medications

Part of your treatment involves using relaxation techniques and finding relaxation options that work for you. You have to apply these techniques daily to reduce the stress you feel and the stress your body experiences. There are also some medications and natural remedies that can supplement your relaxation techniques for maximum wellness. You will need to ask the prescribing wellness expert or medical professional involved about what will work best for you, especially if you are currently taking any other prescription medications that may be impacted by adding natural or pharmaceutical remedies.

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