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by | Jul 8, 2021 | Automotive

One of the least thought-about parts of the modern motor car is the transmission. Everyone knows to check the engine oil, to check their tire pressures, and listen for problems with their muffler. Everyone forgets to check the transmission and differential oil levels. These parts are essential to the smooth running of your car and need to be checked on a regular basis. There are plenty of places to check your Transmissions in Madison and should be a part of your regular vehicle servicing.

The transmission is the part of the car that takes the energy from the engine and distributes it to the drive wheels. It consists of a shaft from the engine to a clutch, which in turn connects to the transmission. There will then be a shaft from the transmission to the differential which splits the power and sends it to the drive wheels via 2 half shafts to the wheel hubs. Your local experts on Transmissions in Madison will check that each part is properly lubricated and is not suffering from wear.

Each part of the transmission can be costly to repair or replace, so preventative maintenance is highly recommended. The local service center for Transmissions in Madison will check for leaking seals, low lubricant levels, excessive travel on the clutch pedal on manual cars, and noisy transmissions. Spending a few dollars on regular checks can save you hundreds of damaged parts in the future.

The most common failure on the transmission on shift stick cars is the clutch. This is caused by drivers having a heavy left foot which they leave on the clutch pedal, even when in motion. A clutch will soon wear out if there is pressure on the clutch pedal, as instead of being closed fully, it will be slightly open and the 2 plates will always be rubbing against each other. A quick check by the local experts on Transmissions in Madison will determine if this is an issue with your vehicle.

Another noise to listen out for is a whining noise from your gearbox. This usually means that the lubricant levels in the gearbox are too low; a grinding or clunking noise from one of the wheels, this is often the sign of a damaged wheel bearing, usually caused by too many bumps against the curb, a whining noise from the center back of the car usually means that the oil level in the differential is too low, and needs to be addressed before the differential seizes up. Visit your local transmissions service center Trans Works Transmissions LLC and have your transmission checked before driving any further.

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