Anticipating Your Upcoming Recovery from Bariatric Surgery in Beverly Hills

When you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through traditional means like dieting and exercising, you could be a candidate for bariatric surgery. This surgery can be an effective way to help you lose hundreds of pounds. It can also help you keep the weight off permanently.

However, before you undergo this procedure, you need to prepare yourself for your eventual recovery. The surgeon from the bariatric clinic in Beverly Hills will give you specific instructions that you must follow if you want to recover quickly and completely.

Liquid Diet

For the first few weeks after your surgery at the bariatric clinic in Beverly Hills, you will be required to eat a liquid diet. A liquid diet can help you overcome the nausea that often accompanies the recover process from this operation. It also will prevent you from throwing up and causing damage to your stomach and incisions.

Foods that you can eat on your liquid diet include gelatin, popsicles, clear soups and broths and flat, clear sodas. You will be advised to avoid eating solid foods until you are medically cleared for it by your doctor.

The liquid diet will also help your body start burning excess fat. You could lose dozens of pounds before you start eating solid food again.


Even if your stomach is sore from the surgery, your surgeon will advise you to get up and start exercising as quickly as possible. Exercise prevents the formation of blood clots. It also helps you start burning calories and fat.

The exercise does not have to be strenuous right away. You can start by walking up and down your sidewalk or driveway until your body heals from the surgery.

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