As Winter Nears, People’s Thoughts Turn to a Tropical Belize Vacation

Belize is a small Central American country bordered by Mexico to its northwest, Guatemala to its south and west, and the Caribbean Sea to its east. The nation’s sheer beauty and quiet peacefulness (Belize has the lowest population and population density in Central America) make it a very popular destination for tourists all around the world. Formerly known as British Honduras, a Belize vacation is on many vacationers “gotta see it” list.

When tourists go on a Belize vacation, they can afford to stay in luxury suites and villas, as the economy here is very reasonable. Given memorable resorts are right on the water, with amenities and extras typically found at 4- and 5-star properties.

Visitors to a resorts 2- and 3-bedroom luxury suite enjoy such laid-back and relaxing activities like dining at intimate outdoor grills with beautiful ocean views; enjoying a cocktail at the pool bar; taking a dip in the freshwater pool; and taking a stroll on an adjacent pier, taking in the breathless turquoise waters all about them.

For the more active visitor, many enjoy snorkeling or taking out bikes, sea kayaks, or paddleboards. And to keep in contact with the “outside world”, given resorts offer free wireless internet in guest suites- even out on the beach and in the pool area. Some ambitious internet users may even connect out at the end of the pier! And, of course, guests in one of these resorts will have access to a fax and copy machine.

Interested vacationers to Belize should check out at their website to find a beautiful resort that will make any vacation stay here a most memorable one.

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