Benefits of Choosing an Inheritance Funding Company Instead of Waiting

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Loan

When you receive an inheritance, the initial thrill of being left a hefty financial benefit can quickly deteriorate once you learn how long the process can take. Probate attorneys can and do drag the inheritance process out for years. Instead of waiting on the probate attorney, you can choose to use the services of an inheritance funding company.

What Is Inheritance Funding?

Inheritance funding is basically a loan that provides an advance on your inheritance. This process is preferred by those who would like to receive their inheritance up front without having to wait for the court hearings to get the money you deserve. After you receive your inheritance, you will be required to pay back the loan, with interest, to the inheritance funding business.

What Is an Estate Review?

The first step to achieving an inheritance funding advance is to allow the company to review the estate. This process allows the company to look over the estate’s paperwork and determine if it has enough assets to allow you to take a loan. Typically, both the will and the petition for probate will be examined.

You Do Not Have to Choose Your Entire Inheritance Amount

Not everyone will choose to get the entire inheritance upfront. Maybe you only want 50% of your inheritance and can wait for the remainder of your money until after the probate is settled. Maybe you only want 25% upfront. The amount of your inheritance funding is decided by you.

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