Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation in Lawton, OK

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

Fiberglass insulation was introduced in 1938, and since then it has remained one of the most popular materials for insulating residential and commercial buildings across the United States. Today, Fiberglass Insulation in Lawton, OK is just one of many available options, but most homeowners are still better off going with this tried and true material than its more modern alternatives. Read on to find out why.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass insulation provides an excellent thermal barrier, meaning that it can keep homes cooler in the summer and hotter in the winter. This improves the buildings’ energy efficiency, reduces monthly bills, conserves non-renewable resources, and provides better climate control.

Design Flexibility

Fiberglass Insulation in Lawton, OK comes in a variety of different forms, It is available in pre-cut batts and rolls and also as blown-in loose-fill insulation. It also comes in a wide variety of different thicknesses, which allows insulation contractors to install only as much of the material as is required in different areas of buildings.

Range of R-Values

Pre-cut fiberglass batt insulation comes in a range of R-Values, as well, ranging from R-8 to R-40. This makes it easier to meet local building code requirements. Plus, the fact that fiberglass insulation doesn’t settle means that it will retain its R-Value over remarkably long periods.

Moisture Resistance

Fiberglass insulation is surprisingly moisture-resistant thanks to its ability to repel water. Even if the home develops a leak, fiberglass insulation can be removed, cleaned and dried, and reinstalled without reducing its R-Value.

Fire Resistance

Since it is made from sand and glass, fiberglass is also surprisingly fire-resistant. It is naturally non-combustible and does not have to be treated with chemicals to improve its fire-retardant properties. It’s also considered an acceptable fire stop according to most local building codes.

Learn More Today

The benefits described above are just a few of the reasons that homeowners opt for fiberglass insulation. It’s also great at absorbing sound, made partially from recycled content, and less expensive than most of its alternatives. Those who want a full range of options when it comes to fiberglass insulation installation can contact Superior Thermal Solutions today to learn more.

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