Benefits of Using a Kingsport, TN Social Security Disability Attorney

Tennessee residents hire Social Security disability attorneys when they can no longer work, but aren’t old enough to retire. If you’re in this type of situation, you’ll either qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits. The latter benefit is more like a welfare version of disability income. In either case, it behooves you to hire a qualified Kingsport, TN Social Security disability attorney. Here’s why.

Knows the Process

Most experienced Social Security disability attorneys in Kingsport, TN know the necessary steps to help you get disability benefits. This includes filling the forms out correctly, procuring the necessary medical records, and even seeing a psychiatrist to substantiate a debilitating mental illness.

No Money Upfront

A reputable Social Security disability attorney in Kingsport, TN will not charge you upfront for his or her services. In fact, your lawyer’s firm will only get paid if you win your case.

Improves Chances of Winning

Based on statistical research by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, you have three times the chance of winning a disability case with a lawyer, such as a Social Security disability attorney in Kingsport, TN, than without one. With monthly Social Security disability payments and back pay at stake, hiring this type of attorney is the right decision.

Most Kingsport, TN Social Security disability attorneys will help you fill out all the paperwork for your case. This ensures your case stays active until a decision is made.

Dean Greer & Associates is highly committed to providing the highest caliber legal services to improve your chances of getting disability benefits. You can reach them at

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