Benefits to Automatic Blast Gates Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection systems are great when they are turned on and able to work as intended. So many people come in and set everything up to start working only to realize that they neglected to turn on the dust collection system. At this point, they don’t want to take the time to walk over and turn on the system. They just want to get the project finished.

This might seem okay to do, but why have an expensive dust collection installed if you aren’t using it for its intended purpose? Automatic blast gates dust collection systems are the perfect solution for this problem.

More Efficient and Cost-Effective

Automatic blast gates dust collection systems are not only cost-effective when compared to the pneumatic systems, but they are also more efficient. There is no longer a need for compressed air to open and close the gates with the automatic blast gates. No compressed air makes the system easier to install and reduces the amount of electricity that the dust collection system uses over the years.

More Reliable

Perhaps the biggest benefit to installing an automatic blast gates dust collection system is the reliability it will provide your shop. The blast gates in these systems will open and close automatically as they are needed.

This means that if you are on one side of the building working, the gates on that side of the building will open to provide the dust collection necessary. The gates on the other side of the building will remain closed, giving you better suction and performance where it’s needed most.

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