Blockchain Technology Latest News On Ethereuem MESS Protocol

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Finance

Following Blockchain technology latest news ensures that investors are up to date on the pros and cons of different aspects of cryptocurrencies. In the past months, starting in October of 2020, VeriBlock Blockchain reported information on a security vulnerability in the Ethereum Classic (ETC) MESS protocol.

The goal of the VeriBlock Blockchain research and projects is to extend the security used by Bitcoin for all blockchains. This is to be completed with Proof-of-Work security and done through the DTTP or decentralized, trustless, transparent, and permissionless fashion.

The Risk of the MESS Protocol

Attacks on ETC occurred in January 2019 as well as in August of 2020, resulted in the loss of over five million dollars in ETC cryptocurrency. The MESS protocol or Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring technology was implemented in to attempt to prevent future attacks. According to Veriblock Founder Maxwell Sanchez, the subjectivity of the MESS protocol created another vulnerability that is even potentially more of a threat to security.

Potential Network Fracture

According to information in the latest Blockchain technology latest news, the subjectivity allows for two different nodes in the system to have different versions of the blockchain state at any given time. This can lead to the partitioning of the network, preventing the blockchain from functioning and confirming transactions.

In addition, as reported in the Blockchain technology latest news, this fracture could potentially be sustained for hours, to prevent ETC from converging into a single blockchain state.

VeriBlock continues to work on testing a new option in a Proof-of-Work technology for ETC security.

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