Brushing Up on the Bare Bones Basics of Bail in Mount Vernon, WA

After people get arrested, they’re usually jailed. In the state of Washington, defendants are often allowed to pay money to a court until their case is over to make sure they’ll return. Let’s brush up on the basics of the bail bonds Mount Vernon WA process.

What’s Bail? What’s Bond?

Bail bonds Mount Vernon WA is based on two different concepts – bond and bail – and combines them to get people out of jail. Bail is the dollar amount required by a local court to be granted the ability to leave jail until trial’s over with, as long as you show up, that is. When someone else besides the defendant pays their bail, it’s considered bond.

Different Types of Bail Options

Cash bonds consist of paying your own bail in full with cash. Property bonds are very similar to cash bonds, although they involve paying-with property you own; usually, the property’s ail value must well exceed the bail amount. Recognizance, although rare, refers to getting released from jail until trial for free due to the presiding judge trusting you.

Common Indicators Defendants Will Be Denied Bail

People charged with major felonies like rape, murder, and arson rarely are granted bail/ if they are, the bail amount often exceeds $100,000, if not $500,000 or $1,000,000! Being on probation or parole makes pre-trial release via bond unlikely, as well. Using weapons, involving minors, or being violent also increases the chance of bail denial.

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