Car Accident in Sarasota, FL: Questions Your Lawyer is Going to Ask

No one wants to be in this position, but you need the help of an auto accident lawyer Sarasota FL. The following are questions your lawyer may ask so that you are better prepared.

When Did it Happen?

You are going to have to know when and at what time the accident happened. Try to have this information ready.

How Did it Happen?

You are going to have to paint a picture for your lawyer. Try to be as detailed as you can when describing what happened during the accident. It would be best if you took notes after the accident to keep all details fresh in your mind, but do so now if you haven’t done this.

Did Anyone Admit Fault?

Ideally, the other person admitted fault and you did not, but this is a question your auto accident lawyer Sarasota FL is going to ask to see what course can be taken afterwards.

Any Injuries Sustained?

Your lawyer is going to want a list of all injuries. Hopefully, you’ve already been to the doctor or have an appointment setup to talk to one. You’ll want X-rays and a full examination because this will help your lawyer build a case on your behalf.

Insurance Details?

The lawyer is going to want to know about your coverage and if the other person had coverage. You are going to have to share specifics about your policy, like if your insurance has limits and other details like that. You may want to just ask your lawyer for a list of important questions to ask your insurance company afterwards.

Carl Reynolds Law has a staff full of experienced lawyers who have been fighting for folks like you who have been in car accidents. This is the kind of experience you want as you bring this case to court.

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