CBD Stores in San Antonio, TX: What You Need To Know Before Buying

According to a Gallup Poll in 2019, 14% of Americans use CBD for therapeutic purposes. Cannabis and its extracts have become more popular for medical use and as a result, a number of stores and products are springing up across the nation. Those that wish to use CBD products are now asking, “How do I know what to buy and from where to buy it?”

Forms and Concentrations of CBD

There are different concentrations of CBD, measured in milligrams. It’s best to start with a low concentration and then work your way up if desired, based on your specific needs.

In addition to different concentrations, there are also different methods of administration, including:

• Ingestion
• Sublingual
• Topical

CBD can be applied through any of the above methods. The choice depends on the reason for use. For example, someone looking for a sleep aid might ingest CBD or use it sublingually. Another person might apply topical CBD to their knee for joint pain. When visiting a CBD Store in San Antonio, TX, ask what types of products are available.

Understanding Extraction Methods

When choosing a CBD Store in San Antonio, TX, it’s important to understand the extraction methods. One of the most common methods for CBD extraction is “cold extraction.” This process creates a full-spectrum CBD oil that retains terpenes, plant fats, lipids, and phytocannabinoids.

Lab Tested

Companies that sell CBD products should have their products lab-tested to ensure quality. It’s best that tests are conducted by a third-party. If you’re unsure about a company, ask about their lab results.

Choose Quality CBD

Always choose a company that cares about both its product and customers. Reach out to 3 Brothers CBD in San Antonio for quality CBD products. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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