Checklist to Help You Choose a Child Care Program

Parents want the best for their kids. If you’re looking for child care programs, here are some of the things you need to know. This checklist will make it easier for you to go through your options.

Is the program licensed?

Be sure to look out for that detail when you go over childcare programs in Jeffersontown, KY. Why and ask why the program isn’t required to be licensed.

Are parental visits allowed?

Look for a facility that encourages parents to visit any time. That means you can get a more accurate and honest take on the environment and the teaching staff.

How do the kids and teachers interact?

If you can watch a portion of a class, that’s ideal. Look at how the kids interact with the teachers. Are they stiff and formal? Is there a noticeable divide and distance? Or are the teachers warm and nurturing and the kids happy and comfortable with them? Are the teachers dedicated to teaching the kids? Do they care for the children?

What is the child to adult ratio?

Are the kids supervised by an adult all the time? That goes for when they’re sleeping, too. You want to make sure you pick a program that keeps the children safe.

Is there a planned schedule?

Most daycare centers will offer one. What you’ll want to look for are active and quiet play times. Any activities that promote learning and will help your child interact with others to boost their physical, emotional, and mental growth.

What is the discipline policy?

How are behavioral concerns handled? What kind of discipline techniques does the facility use? Look for a preschool, daycare, or program that encourages guiding the kids instead of punishing them.

For more questions about childcare programs in Jeffersontown, KY, ask us at A to Z Child Care and Preschool today.

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