Choosing the Right Products in Carpet Shops in Stamford, CT for People With Allergies

People who deal with allergies to pollen or dust mites have probably heard that minimizing the amount of fabric decor in the home may reduce symptoms. That leaves them feeling frustrated if they prefer to have carpeting in the home. It’s still possible to buy products from Carpet Shops in Stamford CT and decrease allergy symptoms. The trick is to buy the right kind of material and to keep it clean.

Low Pile and Tightly Woven Strands

A main helpful strategy when buying products from Carpet Shops in Stamford CT is to choose a low pile and nothing in the shag categories. It’s easier to keep clean and does not trap tiny particles as thoroughly as higher-pile carpet does. In addition, tightly woven strands prevent allergens from settling inside, where they can be difficult to vacuum out.

Choosing a low-pile carpet doesn’t mean that the design has to be boring. The material is available in a startling array of colors and patterns. It’s fun for families to consider the possibilities when they are changing the decor in the home.

Material to Avoid

Some men, women, and kids are allergic to wool, so the family must be sure not to buy carpeting made of that material. Many other types of natural fibers are used in carpeting that can be purchased from a supplier such as Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs. Visit the website to learn about this particular store that installs wall-to-wall carpet and also sells carpet remnants.

Cleaning the Carpeting

Using a vacuum cleaner recommended for individuals with allergies and running it over the carpeting at least every few days can be remarkably effective at keeping allergy symptoms at bay. Shampooing or steam cleaning the material should be done occasionally as well.

Room Considerations

Even with these precautions, it’s probably best to keep carpeting out of the bedrooms of people allergic to pollen or dust mites. So much time is spent in these rooms, with approximately eight hours of sleep each day, that problems can develop. Floors still need to be cleaned regularly, though. Otherwise the various allergens drift around whenever somebody walks in and creates a slight breeze.
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