Collision Repair For Hybrid Vehicles: Why Attention To Detail Matters

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Automotive

An increasingly trendy commodity, hybrid vehicles are a luxurious investment for both your gas mileage and the environment. Of course, even the best of cars and drivers can’t avoid the occasional accident, and you’ll want to make sure that you take your car to a reputable repair shop when your hybrid is the worse for wear.

Why Prep Matters

From the outset, an expert mechanic will know to be especially careful with your vehicle, as the hybrid battery is particularly prone to damage if not treated properly. Precautions including making sure not to tow the vehicle on its wheels, as doing so could potentially overcharge and kill the battery. Parts will be inspected specifically in their hybrid capacity, and all diagnostic equipment will be uniquely designed solely for HV components.

The Importance of Dis- and Re-Assembly

Your hybrid vehicle comprises a multitude of parts specifically designed for their respective purpose. Unlike traditional car parts, each of these components must be carefully un- and re-assembled in order that electric connections remain intact. Equipped with tools such as a voltmeter, a professional auto mechanic will ensure the integrity of your vehicle by using only hybrid-friendly tools and technology.

At Northeast Collision Inc., we take pride in our reputation for high-quality and cost-effective care. To learn more about our extensive range of collision repairs. Staffed by trained techs and friendly reps, we are here to get you (and your car!) back on the road!

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