Common Automobile AC Problems That Occur in the Phoenix Area

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Automotive

We often don’t think much about our AC systems until the dead of summer comes, and we’re screaming for the chill factor. To avoid ending up in a bad situation, you could take your vehicle for preventative auto AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ. These are some common issues that you may experience in your car AC system:

No Cold Air Blowing

If your car AC is not blowing cold air, you might be out of freon. If that’s the case, a mechanic can refill your system so that you’ll have the comfort you need during the challenging summer months.

Air Not Strong Enough

You may have a failing blower motor if it seems as if your AC is not blowing strong enough. You may also have an issue with the mechanism that changes the setting on the AC system. Either of these situations will require you to get help from a mechanic to get it fixed as quickly as possible. It will be wise to take it in to a certified mechanic who can diagnose it and find a solution for you.

Strange Sounds Coming from Dashboard

Strange sounds such as clicking when you turn on your AC unit might be due to a faulty actuator. The actuator may be easy for the mechanic to access, or it might involve the disassembling of your dashboard. A trusted mechanic for auto AC repair in Phoenix, AZ. He or she can get to it and resolve the situation for you.


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