Defining the Component “Precision Pulley” for Industrial Usage in Texas

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Bearing Supplier

There are so many industrial parts and components that often the industrial plant employees get a little confused about which part is which. Since pulleys are a commonly used simple machine in factories, it may seem a little more complicated when someone talks about a “precision pulley.” A precision pulley in Texas is one or more of two things. It is a pulley made by a company called Precision Pulley in Texas, and/or a pulley that does a more precise job of lifting and moving things at a specified speed. Here’s a little more about the latter part.

It Doesn’t Look Like a Pulley

When you imagine a pulley, you imagine a sort of wheel around which rope or chains can wind and lift or lower objects. These “precise” pulleys look a lot more like gears, with several rotating “blades”. They have more torque and therefore can lift or move heavier things. A lot of times they replace the roller bearings in vertical conveyor belts, but they do have other uses.

They Move on Their Own

These pulleys are designed to work like automated machinery. No one has to stand by and pull ropes, chains, or other objects around them. As such, you can make them move as fast or as slow as you want for the jobs you want them to do. They can even reverse course and change speed as they go in reverse.

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