Discreet Pest Control Solutions for Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant ensures that you’ll have to wear a few different hats at once, but you shouldn’t have to worry about pests bothering your customers or infiltrating your kitchen and causing health concerns. Restaurants with pest control problems can rely on our professional extermination team to uncover all of the access points, breeding grounds, and feeding spots located out of sight within your establishment. Not only will we repair any cracks, or holes that are allowing pests to come in, but we’ll do so without your customers ever knowing we were there.

Free Evaluation

When you call us to inquire about our services, ask for a free evaluation so that we can get a better understanding of the kind of pest control your restaurant will need. Our team will come out and do a thorough examination of the exterior of the restaurant as well as the inside to find any locations that pests might be utilizing to infiltrate your restaurant.

Tracking the Pest Problem so You Don’t Have to

Other pest control companies might make you check your own traps to notify them if anything needs to be repaired or changed out. However, we use the SMART Technology system which uses wireless sensors to communicate with our staff 24/7. This system allows us to see hidden pest problems so that we can put a stop to them before an infestation occurs.

If you have restaurants with a pest control problem, then contact Viking Pest Control to learn more about our services and the different pests we can get rid of for you.

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