Do You Need Professional Window Cleaning Services in West Hampton NY?

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Cleaning Service

Any homeowner will agree that clean windows make the home brighter, more inviting and improve the overall appearance. Easy to say, sometimes hard to do; this is one of the reasons why many people turn to window cleaning services. There actually is more benefit to using a professional that just clean windows, a pro can also give the homeowner advance warning on any dangerous issues that he noticed.

There are several reasons why hiring a professional to clean your windows is an excellent idea; not only will the windows in your home be sparkling clean, but you will also benefit from:

1. Time saving: Every window in your house needs cleaning, the more windows; the more time that it will take out of your already busy day. On average, because of the specialized tools and skills possessed by professional window cleaners they can do a better job and do it in half the time it would take you.

2. Spot problems: As a professional window cleaner gets “up close and personal” with your windows he is able to spot problems. Problems that often are not noticed by the homeowner can include sashes that are painted shut, window screens that are damaged or ill fitting, wood rot, etc. Spotting potential problems before they get out of hand can save the homeowner time and money.

3. Eliminate insect infestations: For some reason bees and hornets love to nest behind window shutters. It is not just bees and hornets; ladybugs are known to nest in window channels while wasps will build their nest of paper in the same area.

4. Extend the life of the window: Everyone knows what effect heard water has on the walls of a shower cubicle, old aluminium screens that are in direct contact with the glass in your windows does something quite similar; the metal can actually etch a screen pattern on the window glass. Window cleaning services includes treating the glass with muriatic acid or fine steel wool, both of which will restore the glass.

5. Right tools and supplies: This is always an issue. Different glass requires a different approach to cleaning. Leaded glass windows for example should not be exposed to ammonia which is the base of many domestic window cleaning products. Window cleaning services also have the right equipment to get at even the most awkward window, something that a homeowner would often have to miss.

The best window cleaning services do far more than just ensure the windows in your home are sparkling clean, they also can help you spot problems before they become worse and cost more to rectify.

If you are looking for window cleaning services in the West Hampton, NY contact Sparkle Window Cleaning inc. We are licensed and insured and have over 25 years of solid experience behind us.

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