Does a Warm Outlet, Plug Prongs or Power Cord Indicate a Need for Electrical Repairs in Salem OR?

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Electrician

People may notice that an electrical plug attached to a cord or the cord itself gets warm or even hot when a device is running. That is probably troubling and they wonder if they are doing something wrong. Does the outlet or the device need Electrical Repairs in Salem OR? Is it safe to use equipment like this?

Current Draw

When electrical equipment is plugged in and then turned on, current flows from the power source to the device. Some equipment draws a lot of currents, which is OK because it normally is only operated for a short time. Some vacuum cleaners have a cord that gets noticeably warm after being operated for a few minutes, for example. But these devices aren’t running for hours at a time. This situation does not call for Electrical Repairs in Salem, OR.

Extension Cords

Another point to consider is that using an extension cord that is meant for low-power equipment like lamps is not a substitute for a heavier cord that can more safely run a microwave oven. In any case, extension cords are not meant to be permanent fixtures in a home, just for temporary use.

Full Insertion

The plug has to be completed inserted into the outlet because a loose connection can make the prongs get hot. The full insertion so the plug is tight in the outlet usually solves any problems with those metal prongs feeling like they have overheated after someone pulls the plug out.

A Warm or Hot Outlet

A more concerning issue is when the outlet itself feels warm or hot. This tends to happen when a power-hungry device is operated longer than it should be, when the wiring is insufficient for it, or when the wiring is old and worn.

Space heaters are primary culprits in these situations. Upgrades to the wiring by a contractor such as Safety Electric Inc. may be necessary to make this safer. Even then, those appliances are not intended to be run for hours on end, such as overnight. Also, an old outlet with worn wiring can cause this to happen with other demanding devices, such as toasters and curling irons. Learn more about us at the website.

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