Extensive Inventories of Valve Solutions by Top Brands Meeting Client Needs

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Industrial Goods and Services

Industrial supply providers on an international scale, supplying valves and other industrial material, are specialists in problem-solving for any logistical challenge. These suppliers serve civil and mechanical engineering projects, oil and gas, industrial operations, water and power, network and telecom, general construction and a wide spectrum of other industrial concerns.

Industrial Valve Supply

Leading valve distributors will have valves in multiple sizes and in many valve-type designs to help projects manage process flow control. Whether it’s a three-inch flanged Kitz valve or a check valve, suppliers with a global reach can have the item picked and shipped today.

Multiple Valve Types

Valve distributors with a global reach will have premium-level, budget-level and actuated valves on hand from some of the top manufacturers, including Nibco, Apollo, Bonney Forge, PBV, A-T Controls, Limitorque, Sharpe, Legend, Jomar and C & C.

The valve types include:

• Butterfly Valves

• Ball Valves

• Cast Steel

• Control Valves

• Plumbing and Brass Valves

• Modified Valves

• Specialty Valves

Valve distributors also partner with valve automation houses specializing in valve actuation for a wide range of products on offer by the distributor. Actuation services can apply to multi-turn and quarter-turn valves, such as butterfly, ball, globe, gate, knife gate, plug and diaphragm valves.

Valve actuators can include both double-acting and spring-return-category pneumatic, electric and hydraulic solutions. And distribution companies can also offer limit switches, indicators and positioners. In all cases, knowledgeable logistics specialists working through global operations will have the right product onsite, when and where it’s needed.

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