Find Effective Relief from Pain and Save Your Tooth with a Root Canal

You have had symptoms that you have been ignoring for too long. One of your teeth ached all the time until you bought toothpaste for sensitivity. The pain went away, but you knew the problem didn’t. You noticed that your tooth was also extremely sensitive to anything that was hot or cold. When you took a good look at it, you saw discoloration. You chose to ignore the problem, thinking it might go away. A visit to the dentist told you another story. You need a root canal in  Beach.

Ignoring Your Teeth Isn’t the Answer

When it comes to problems with your teeth, ignoring them is only going to lead to bigger problems. Get that tooth pain assessed right away and you might just need a filling. Letting it go usually means more serious decay. That decay can lead to damage of the pulp deep inside your tooth. The pulp is a bundle of blood vessels and nerves. When it becomes damaged or infected, you could be looking at serious pain. An abscess is a common problem that stems from a badly decayed tooth. It won’t go away until you eliminate the problem.

A Root Canal Can Help You to Keep Your Own Tooth

If possible, your dentist will try to save your tooth without replacing it with a crown. Your dentist will begin your root canal in Jacksonville Beach by drilling into your tooth to get down to the pulp. The pulp will be removed. The inside of your tooth will be disinfected. Finally, it will be plugged all the way down to the roots. The procedure shouldn’t be any worse than going to your dentist for a filling. It just takes longer. When it is over, you’ll have a functioning tooth that looks like it is still whole. It won’t have nerves any more, sparing you pain and sensitivity.

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