Find Out the Differences Between Casters and Wheels for Materials Handling

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Equipment

Everyone knows what a wheel looks like. The round, smooth shape is recognizable from feet away. Thus, when you see a caster, it is safe to assume that it is just a wheel. Yet, there are some important differences between casters and heavy duty wheels in Michigan. Learn about the subtle differences that make these two items suited for different purposes.

Casters Are Like Super Wheels

Sure, a caster has a wheel as a component, but it is a lot more than just a wheel. A caster is composed of a complete assembly that houses the wheel and a bracket. The bracket is what allows you to attach a caster to the bottom of a flat surface. Therefore, casters are commonly used on the bottom of items that need to be mobile. You may decide to fit a caster on a cabinet, shelving, a cart or even a chair. To sum it up, casters are specially designed to help heavy items become easily movable.

When searching for casters, remember that there are two different styles. First, there are models that use a thread or spring retention clip. The second class of casters consist of those that have a full bracket that can mount directly onto a flat surface.

There is a little more to the distinctions between casters. All casters, whether threaded or bracketed, can be separated into two classes: swivel casters and rigid casters. The former allows items to turn in a 360-degree manner. On the other hand, rigid casters are fixed and do not swivel. Be sure to know which type you need for your application.

A Look at Wheels

If you don’t need a caster, you probably need heavy duty wheels in Michigan. As you might know, wheels are circular and cylindrical. They rotate around an access to create motion. Wheels come in all types of sizes and materials. They can be used in many ways for different mechanical uses.

Pick the Right One

If you are trying to make a certain item mobile, make sure you inquire before making a purchase. Although they seem similar, both the caster and the wheel have different uses. Don’t get stuck with the wrong one!

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