Five Reasons Employers Request Background Screening in California

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Business

There was a time when prospective employees believed an employer who requested a background check showed a lack of trust. Checking out an employee’s history has little to do with whether a potential employer believes the individual is a liar. Discover the five key reasons employers request Background Screening in California.

Ability to Perform the Job Responsibilities

If a possible employee exaggerates about his or her qualifications, it could cause problems for everyone. The new worker will be unable to handle their job responsibilities, which reflects negatively on the employer and could cause issues with clients. A Background Screening in California reveals if someone embellished their educational background or work experience.

Maintain a Safe Workplace

Employers must always maintain a safe workplace, so employees never have to deal with unnecessary risks on the job. A background screening reveals if a potential employee is unsafe due to a lack of education and experience. And, it lets an employer know if the person could be dangerous.

Reduce the Risk of Theft

From stealing supplies to the theft of proprietary company secrets, businesses must be proactive about protecting their enterprises. A background check indicates if a possible employee has a history of stealing from employers. Gaining access to this data helps employers make educated decisions about new hires.

Ensure Honest Interactions

When applicants are informed a background screening is required, it encourages them to tell employers the truth about their circumstances and qualifications. Anything they do not reveal will come up during the check. An employer that mandates these screenings is more likely to get honest answers from applicants.

Comply With Internal and External Requirements

For confidential positions, a background check is necessary to comply with internal and external regulations. Customers want to know they are dealing with a company that has integrity and hires trustworthy people. Anything less could mean the company loses business and profits.

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