Four Good Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Cleanings Every Six Months

It might have been at least a couple of years since you have last seen a dentist near Niagara Falls, ON. Perhaps it has been even longer. If this is the case, tartar and plaque have built up on your teeth. For this reason alone, you should get a dental cleaning every six months from a dentist near Niagara Falls, ON. Most insurance plans will give you two professional cleanings a year without any extra cost. Why not take this opportunity to benefit your dental health?

Still not convinced? This article will give you a couple of reasons why you should get regular dental cleanings.

Your Regular Brushing Will Not Replace Dental Cleanings

Your toothbrush will not remove all of the tartar and plaque that professional cleanings can easily take care of in a single sitting. Even if you’re really meticulous about your brushing, it won’t get rid of all the plaque buildup on your teeth.

You Won’t Always See the Buildup

Unfortunately, plaque can’t be seen with your naked eye. Plaque hardens on your teeth and turns into tartar. When you get tartar on your teeth, you will need to get a professional dental cleaning to get rid of it.

You Don’t Brush and Floss As Well As You Think

Many people don’t floss and brush nearly as well as they think they do. Some of the mistakes that people make in this area include not flossing, not brushing for a long enough period of time, or not even brushing altogether. That’s why we all need dental cleanings to fill in the gaps.

You Can Reduce Disease and Infection

When you get regular dental cleanings, you can reduce the risk of gum disease. When you have poor oral health, that can act as a sign of poor overall health. But with good oral care at home, you can prevent most dental diseases and infections.

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