Gastroenterology Physicians In Petal, MS Help With Digestive Problems

Gastroenterology Physicians Petal MS can solve digestive problems that plague millions of people. Unfortunately, some individuals choose to suffer in silence because they might not be aware of these specialists or might just be too embarrassed to seek treatment.
It’s important for people to know exactly what medical specialists can help them with.

Millions Suffer From Lactose Intolerance

Gastroenterology Physicians Petal MS can help people who are lactose intolerant and don’t even know it. Symptoms associated with lactose intolerance can vary greatly from one person to the next. While one individual with the condition might suffer from severe bloating and cramping, another might just get nauseous. Fortunately, specialists can test for lactose intolerance by doing a non-invasive breath tests that checks for increased hydrogen.

Treating Lactose Intolerance

A person who is lactose intolerant doesn’t have to give up milkshakes and other dairy treats they might love. There are products that are sold in drug stores and grocers that contain the missing enzyme named lactose. There are also products that are sold that are free of lactose or might contain milk replacements. A patient can ask their doctor about what they can do for treatment. Anyone who needs help can visit Hattiesburg G.I. Associates.

Problems With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are several inflammatory bowel disorders that people can have that might not get diagnosed. What’s more, some individuals have multiple misdiagnoses before they find out what is wrong with them. Crohn’s disease is a common inflammatory bowel condition that doesn’t have a definite test. People who suffer from it can have abdominal pain, diarrhea, unintended weight loss, and other issues.

Problems With Constipation

Another reason why a person might have to visit is because of constipation. Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on medication that is made to relieve constipation. Unfortunately, becoming dependent on those types of medications can have unintended consequences. More and more of the medication will have to be taken in order for it to work. Eventually, it won’t work anymore.

Anyone who has digestive issues shouldn’t hesitate to visit a specialist. People shouldn’t suffer in silence.

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