Get Out of Jail Quick: Fast Bail Bonds & Notary Services in Kaufman, TX

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Bail Bonds

Seasoned local bond agents offer fast bail bonds and notary services in Kaufman, TX., helping people get out of jail as quickly as possible. Getting a bail bond or preparing any documents for presentation to the court requires notary services. Having both services in one place makes the whole process that much easier and timely.

Bail Bonds & Notary Services: A Connection?

Notaries don’t notarize documents, per se; they notarize the signatures on the documents. Bail bond agencies that offer notary services can notarize signatures appearing on all kinds of documents, not just those essential to the bail bond process. This includes affidavits, titles, and powers of attorney.

Notary services come in handy during the bail bond process because concerned parties co-singing on the bond may require notarization to confirm their signature, corresponding identity, and document validity.

What is a Bail Bond Co-Signer?

A bail bond co-signer agrees to shoulder the responsibility of repayment if the defendant fails to attend his/her initial court date. Not all bond agents offer the co-signing option, but it’s becoming increasingly popular.

A co-signer may become necessary if the individual in jail has no job, poor credit, no capital of any kind, or no viable collateral. In certain extreme cases, a qualified co-signer is the only criteria a bond agent accepts in order to extend a bail bond. In most cases agents accept whatever payment is legal, from money orders, coins and jewelry to credit cards and trucks.  is one of the leading local providers of discreet, affordable, fast bail bonds and notary services in Kaufman, TX.

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