Getting Ready For The Arrival Of Home Movers in Austin TX

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Moving and Storage Service

Moving day can be a challenge for many people. There can be a lot of last minute things to do, particularly if this is a first move for the individual or the family. The best moving companies in Austin TX will provide people with a checklist and schedule that will help to eliminate last-minute scrambles as the movers are pulling up.

To prepare for the arrival of the home movers, there are a few last-minute things that should be done on the day of the move. Ideally, the moving company will provide a time frame when they will arrive. This window will give you the earliest possible time the movers will be at the home, which should be used as a point of reference for getting things done.

Last Check of the Home

The day before the movers are scheduled to arrive, take a walk through the home and verify that everything has been packed. Open up closets, storage area, check the attic and even check the cupboards and spare rooms. Make sure nothing has been left behind and that all drawers, medicine cabinets and any furniture that is staying in the house is empty.

Check Boxes and Packed Items

It is also helpful to take a look at the boxes and packed items that are waiting for the Austin TX home movers before they arrive. Make sure all are clearly labeled with your last name and the room where they are to be placed in the new location.

Check to make sure all are securely closed and taped. If there are fragile items in some boxes, make sure they are clearly identified home movers in Austin TX.

The best home movers in Austin TX will always treat all packed items with care. However, by clearly marking the boxes as fragile, the movers will take extra care in positioning those boxes on the truck to ensure safe transport.

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