Going to a Mustang Auction This Year? What You Need to Bring Back

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Health

Protecting the health of all animals is an essential part of any auction. Heading to a Mustang auction, for example, means that thousands of Mustang horses will be rounded up and corralled together for the purpose of weeding out some of them to sell by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). If you are going to such an auction to buy some horses, you will need to bring home the ECVI of each animal. An ECVI stands for “electronic certificate of veterinary inspection.” You can get this from either a vet you take with or from a vet at the auction. It goes something like this.

Select the Horses on Which You Want to Bid

Select the Mustangs on which you want to bid. Ask your vet or the vet working the auction for the E-CVI on each animal you want to bid on. Your vet can examine and inspect the desired horses and tell you if there’s anything wrong with them that may make you want to avoid placing a bid. Likewise, you may get a similar report from the vet on the auction grounds, but a second opinion from your own vet is always good. Once your choices have been inspected and examined for good health, you know which horses to bid on when they come upon the auction block.

If You Win a Horse, Present Your CVI to the Payment Collection Agent

You have to show that any animal you are removing from the auction state has a clean bill of health and you have proof of it. Then you can pay for your horses and load them into your trailer to take across state lines to the home.

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