Heavy Equipment for Media Production: Buy Used or Buy New?

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Equipment

Far from just the traditional cable, movies, and television outlets, there is an explosion of media resources popping with original productions from documentaries to full season programming runs. With the proliferation of the creative economy in Los Angeles, comes a new demand for production facilities, sound stages, sets, and other creative spaces. With the need for creative spaces comes a new market for the equipment that makes it work.

Forklifts, cranes, scissor lifts and other heavy equipment are in demand like never before. However, for a smaller stage or production company, the price tag for these necessary items can be very high. It makes sense to consider used forklifts for sale rather than renting on an as-needed basis or leasing long-term.

Picking the Best Bet

As a rule, you should deal only with companies that specialize in selling new or used heavy equipment. You should be able to see maintenance logs and manuals for the equipment that you are considering. Purchasing from individuals can seem like a bargain, but in the event that you have purchased a lemon, you have very little recourse or redress.

Researching and doing due diligence or getting a professional heavy equipment operator to assess your prospective purchase is also a good line of defense against ripoffs.

Work with A Leader

When you need to find used forklifts for sale, it pays to work with a leader like Select Equipment. Take the time to talk to people you know in the industry and find out who they dealt with and how they felt about the way they were treated. Ask about warranties and service plans to keep that forklift running in peak condition. Check with the Better Business Bureau and mine Google for online reviews before putting in a visit.

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