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The medical community is constantly reaping the benefits of medical records indexing. Since 2008, the use of electronic healthcare records has more than doubled in the medical community. Practices that have not made the switch have seen negative results.

Without services like medical records indexing, these practices are finding it difficult to get reimbursed from insurance companies for the work that they do. While it does not seem like it is possible, every single year the healthcare industry loses hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue because procedures are charged for.

Imagine that a patient visits the doctor, the doctor performs a surgical procedure, the patient walks away and expects that either they or their insurance company will receive a bill, and then nothing happens. While the patient may be happy that they are not being charged for an expensive procedure, this has a negative impact on the medical facility’s bottom line and on the morale of the medical professionals. Imagine being a doctor, working hard to provide quality care for your patience, and not getting paid for the work that you do because of a medical records error.

Electronic health record-keeping has progressed over the last decade. It has become easy for medical facilities of all sizes to adapt this form of record-keeping. Integration has improved the ease-of-use and the level of care patients receive. Medical practices that do not make the switch to electronic healthcare records are putting the well-being of their patients on the line. They are shooting themselves in the foot because they are losing out on the revenue that they deserve.

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